Leah Bisch
Verico Allendale Mortgage Services #10328
Address: 195 King St W, Kitchener, Ontario N2G1B1
Email: leah@dbmortgagehouse.com
Phone: 519-897-8787
Website: www.dbmortgagehouse.com

With more than a decade of commercial and residential real estate investments, I have real-life experience in the mortgage world. I have a strong passion for the mortgage industry and it has inspired me to become a licensed mortgage agent.  With my expertise and knowing first hand just how important it is to find the very best rate, I will help you successfully acquire a mortgage that meets your unique needs.  I am proud to work with a team of more than 30+ years in the industry with access to the #1 mortgage broker network in Canada providing mortgages of all types from over 50+ lenders that include major banks, credit unions, trusts, and private lenders.

Tip: A pre-approval lets you know the maximum mortgage amount you can afford, the monthly mortgage payment, locks in your mortgage rate up to 120 days and gives you more buying power when making an offer.

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