By: Looey Tremblay


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Services Provided Traditional Agent Buyer’s Agent
Protects your best interests No or Maybe YES
Negotiates best price for you No or Maybe YES
Points out reasons not to buy No or Maybe YES
Assist in writing the offer to promote your best interests, not the Seller No or Maybe YES
Works 100% for Buyer, not Sellers No YES
Prepares analysis on properties No or Maybe YES
Arranges property showings Yes Yes
Provides accurate information Yes Yes
Explains forms and agreements Yes Yes
Monitors closings Yes Yes

 “Many people don’t realize that, unless specifically stated otherwise, brokers are legal representatives of sellers”. ~ Good Housekeeping
Everyone Loves a Freebie

Everyone loves a “freebie”. Getting someone to work for you for FREE is like winning the lottery.

A Buyer’s Agent fully represents your interests and this service comes at no charge to you. You’re probably wondering how we get paid. We put the Listing Agent into a UFC hold until he hands over half the listing commissions. NO cost to you. **

Finding Great Investment Opportunities
Our hand-picked team of 7 agents are active every day in real estate, allowing us the inside scoop to find great opportunities for our Buyers.
Buyer’s Agents have Access to Hard-to-Find Properties
 We have a comprehensive system in place to find those tough-to-find properties.
Our Research Saves YOU Money
 We provide you with the most up-to-date research on the area where you are buying. This is critical information when you get to the offer stage. Knowledge is gold.
Negotiators – You Better have the Best
 I would want an ex antique dealer to help me with this one. Well, you have one when you choose “The Saunders Tremblay Realty Team”. Buying and selling fine antiques at high-pressure auctions...knowing precisely when to increase your bid...reading the audience...gauging the competition – are all skills that parlay perfectly into real estate negotiations.
We are topnotch negotiators, drawing on a wealth of sales experience. Our knowledge of the competition, rapidly-evolving market trends, plus over 100 years of collective real estate sales experience will prove to be invaluable to you.
Negotiating is the fun part. As agents, we aren’t there just to find the perfect property and then leave you on your own. We guide and assist you through the entire process and negotiate a deal that’s in your best interest – for your pocketbook.
Since we act for you as a buyer’s agent, we will be objective when offering advice or opinion. We are also trained in negotiation, closing techniques, and MMA submission tactics like armbars to be able to get you the best deal out there.  
Agents Specialize in the Specific Area Where You’re Looking to Buy
Teams and larger real estate offices like ours cater to buyers like you. We also have multiple consultants with specialties in specific regions.
** Only on a private sale may commissions apply.