Once we've listed your home, in order to get it sold, it must be available for both other agents, and most importantly to prospective buyers. Here's how it works:


1.All information regarding your home is given to our support staff, and is entered into our computer system.

2. Other agents who wish to show your home to qualified buyers will call our office or book directly online, and request a certain day and a one hour time frame to bring their clients through, giving you and your family proper notice.

3. A member of our team will be in contact with you, and verify that this time and date is convenient for you and your family.

The Lock Box:

4. After arrangements have been made regarding listing your property, a team member will place a highly secure electronic lockbox on the property as well as a For Sale sign.

5. The electronic lockbox is only accessible to registered Real Estate professionals. This technology allows us to see who and when agents are entering and leaving your property.

Open Houses:

6. An option for you is an open house for the public. This will take place on a weekend afternoon or weekday evening. This, once again, is totally optional to you and your family, but is highly recommended.

This covers the process for introducing your home to the public. The ultimate result, if all of these steps are followed, is securing an acceptable offer.

Offer Process:

The moment another agent contacts me to let me know their Buyers have signed an offer, it's called “registering an offer”. The first step we will take is to contact you to let you know about the offer and set up a time to discuss with the details of the offer.

It is much more common these days that offers are being reviewed electronically. We will explain how to use our simple electronic signing platform known as docusign. At this point we will review the offer and determine the best course of action. If it is a reasonable offer we will either accept or negotiate further for the most favourable results for you.

Multiple Offers

The ideal situation for us is to have more than one offer registered on your property at the same time. When this happens, we will give them a deadline by which they have to send their offer. (As an example, offers being presented at 7pm and must be submitted by 5pm). With multiple offers, there is usually less need for negotiation as one or more of the offers will be suitable to the Sellers.

Conditional Period

In most cases, an offer on your home will be conditional on financing & home inspection for a certain period of time (typically 5 business days following acceptance, and can include other conditions at times). During this period, your property is sold conditionally. The Buyer has 5 business days in which to ensure they qualify for a mortgage on the house, as well as conduct a professional home inspection to see if there are any major concerns that need to be addressed. Once the Buyer agrees to remove these conditions, the house will be sold “Firm” and that is when the “Sold” sign will be placed on the front lawn.

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